To Love and to be Loved

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“An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips.” Proverbs 24:26 NIV

How hard is to give/find honest answers. If we are honest, we often think, we won’t look as good, people might judge us, etc. That’s probably true, but if we prevent people from dislike us we also prevent them from truly liking us for who we are. 

In other words, by being dishonest we do not allow people to truly love us and consequently we will never know who truly love us either. 

To love and to be love is the most foundational of human relational needs. This can only be tapped in when we are fully honest with ourselves and our loved ones. 

My name is Arturo and I am loved by God and in response to that I best serve others by adding VALUE to their lives. My goal is to enrich lives, relationships, and communities.
From an artistic standpoint I’m a visual communicator and via the use of photography I seek promote beauty, concepts, and messages. Spiritually speaking I've served as a chaplain at a addiction/recovery rehabilitation center, and before that as a youth pastor, missionary, and Young Life/Club Beyond staff for many years here in the USA and abroad.
On the mental health side I currently serve as a life coach, certified addiction recovery specialist, and marriage and family counselor.

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