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“Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.” Psalms 54:4 NIV

When working with couples one thing we always assess for is interdependence, which is the ability to thrive together while still being self-sufficient. Counselors refer to this as a “secure” attachment and this is not an easy feat to achieve/maintain. 

The moment we read that verse and substitute “The Lord” with something/someone else, that’s the moment our position weakens and we start developing unhealthy dependency. 

Let us keep God as our source of sustenance and love/live freely. Let us keep God God and everything else will fall in place. 

My name is Arturo and I am loved by God and in response to that I best serve others by adding VALUE to their lives. My goal is to enrich lives, relationships, and communities.
From an artistic standpoint I’m a visual communicator and via the use of photography I seek promote beauty, concepts, and messages. Spiritually speaking I've served as a chaplain at a addiction/recovery rehabilitation center, and before that as a youth pastor, missionary, and Young Life/Club Beyond staff for many years here in the USA and abroad.
On the mental health side I currently serve as a life coach, certified addiction recovery specialist, and marriage and family counselor.

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