The Balance of Change

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Things will change after . . .,  Once life gets back to normal, I just need to wait until . . .   These are phrases I hear often, and have said to myself as well.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to say that we should never look for or wait for things to change, however there is an important balance that needs to be struck in order to preserve gratitude, happiness and growth.

I was blessed with 5 children in 5 years, and to be honest it did not always feel like a blessing. My last pregnancy was with twins, and due to complications they were born at 32 weeks which also meant they were only 10 months younger than my 3rd daughter.  We moved to a new town with no family near when the twins were 6 months old.  That year was a blur of sleepless nights, pampers, and a lot of fun.  Don’t misunderstand me, I do NOT want to repeat that year, however there was a beauty in being able to ‘enjoy’ the chaos of 5 young kids as well as anticipate and hope for change – when life would not be full of sleepless nights and pampers.  

As we wait for change, it is already happening.  We are presently taking part in the change.  Our attitudes, beliefs, responses and emotions all play a role in how we are managing the constant change that is life.  If I would have waited for my kids to be older to enjoy them, I would have missed out on the joys of watching and participating in the myriad of changes that comes with parenting young children.  Please know there were days I handled the balance of living in the moment and waiting for change like a pro – true mother of the year.  Then there were other days when I failed miserably and felt overwhelmed with my present circumstance.  However, holding the balance of present and change can be helpful to persevere during difficult times as well as cherish precious moments.

We all need the hope that comes with anticipating the change we want, however we must hold hope in the present while we actively live out the process of change.  What changes are you waiting for, and how does that give you hope?  How are you presently living so that you are participating in life as change happens?

You have a story to tell, and I want to hear ALL of it! I love hearing people's stories, and there is something healing in sharing. I have been engaging in people's stories for over 30 years whether through training, mentoring, discipling and now counseling. I lived in 3 different countries and cultures, I understand how important a role it plays in our daily lives. I believe in purpose and developing a strong foundation of values in order to have worthwhile goals. Your life has value and purpose - let's develop that so that you may live life to the fullest

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